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Kids and Teens just love to flip, float, and fly! Our Youth classes
allow them to do just that in a safe environment while they gain
strength, coordination, flexibility, and have a blast!


Ages 6-12

Kids aerial yoga is playtime, exercise and mindfulness all in one. This 60 minute Aerial yoga class combines traditional yoga movements with the aerial arts to help kids increase their balance, strength and spatial/body awareness providing them with the opportunity to better understand their body. Many postures or activities in aerial yoga stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes calm throughout the body, allowing kids to experience what a calm mind and body can feel like and improving their focus. This class will educate on how to overcome fear and grow confidence within themselves while having fun and making friends. Each class will end with a mindfulness exercise to teach our kids early what we learn late! 

What to Wear: Form fitting clothing that covers the underarms and long leggings. Loose/baggy clothing gets tangled in fabrics and exposed skin can get friction burn. No jewelry

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