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6 Week Class Schedule


  • All classes are limited to 60 minutes. We've found this to be the perfect amount of time for a safe and thorough warm up while maintaining your stamina and focus for your pole practice. 

  • All classes are limited to 8 students, each student gets their own pole. No sharing! Your time and money are valuable and our format allows you to use both wisely so you aren't paying for a longer class time that you aren't able to use when sharing a pole. 

  • Every class combines a variety of mat work and pole work to warm up and condition the body. You will learn at least one new trick, transition, and short sequence of choreography weekly to learn how to put moves together for flow and grace. 

  • Our pole classes are taught in a progressional format. This simply means that completion and mastery of the previous level is fundamental to progress to the next level. We don't push you through levels as we understand that each student is on their own journey to build their strength and flexibility, gain coordination, understanding, and control of the movements and the time that takes varies from student to student. 

  • Our pole classes are multi-level. This allows for greater scheduling flexibility. Everyone learns at their own pace within their own level. 

  • We provide ongoing training. Our Level 6 is an ongoing level in which our highly skilled, master level instructors are able to teach students for as long as they choose to learn. There are always new skills, combinations, and choreography to learn which keep our classes fresh and challenging! 




Welcome to the beautiful (and addictive) world of pole! Here you will learn the fundamentals of Tiger Lily philosophy as well as important safety, basic proper pole technique, and the ‘root’ movements that prepare you to join our multi-level pole classes, all while laughing and getting to know your fellow pole sisters. You get a taste of our 6 Week Pole classes here and we know you'll want more!

$35 (becomes a FREE class upon sign up for the concurrent 6 Week Session)



LEVELS 1 & 2

These basic levels will really condition your body! You will build strength and confidence as you learn and practice correct technique, safety, and basic moves and poses. You will learn a variety of grounded spins, aerial spins, transitions, poses, as well as learning to allow yourself to ‘step out of the box’ and move around the pole comfortably and confidently! Once you are comfortable and master the basics, you will move on to learn more challenging spins including one leg and one arm spins, transitions, and work on polishing your dance flow. Climbing and pole sitting and standing are introduced.

Must have completed Intro To Pole. 



LEVELS 3 & 4

You will be ‘climbing’ to new heights, gaining even more coordination and strength! Learn different styles of climbing, combination spins, and even more transitions to add to your ever growing repertoire.
Safe inverting is introduced and practiced until perfected! You will truly be performing some beautiful moves and amazing even yourself at how far you’ve come!

Must have completed Basic Pole. 



LEVELS 5 & 6+

This is where all of your previous training comes together! At this level you will continue to build strength as your pole vocabulary grows. Controlled lifts and inverts, complex tricks, transitions and spins are the focus.
Must have completed Intermediate Pole.




Spin Pole is a multi-level class in which you will work on developing the skills and techniques that will allow you to become stronger, more fluent, and master of your momentum! Whether this is your first experience with spin pole or you feel at home on spin, there is something for every level in this class! You will learn how to translate your static pole moves to spin, learn new tricks and transitions, as well as how to keep those beautiful combos spinning gracefully.

Pre-Requisite: Student has completed at least Basic Pole Level 1 AND is able to confidently lift and briefly hold feet up off of the floor in a basic pole hold exercise. 




Learn choreographed routines that incorporate floor work, pole tricks, and transitions that will help build confidence, fuel creativity, and inspire your own dance.

Leg warmers and knee pads are highly recommended. Heels are optional, but encouraged.

Pre-Requisite: Students has completed at least Level 1 Basic Pole.

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